Dolomites 2019

..... a minimini group on the way through the beautiful Dolomites !!!

........ absolute imperial weather and unknown passports, away from Sella and Co. !!!

..... our first overnight stop was in Schlehdorf !!!

........ we were spoiled by the chef in the evening again !!!

... the great old darling was in the parking lot !!!

... and of course a hearty Bavarian breakfast !!!

... in wonderful weather we headed over the Kühtai to the Timmelsjoch Rtg.Meran and at Hafling over the heights Rtg.Bozen.

... arrival beer !!! .... we were already hopeless !!!

...... and then the gourmet meal !!!

Royal reception !!!

... the manghen is of course part of the tour, like the noodle to the soup !!!

... a cappuccino by the lake and the weather is good for us !!!

... and back in the hotel !!!

The arrival beer tastes particularly good on such a great terrace !!! ... only one person would have to drive the bus out of the view !!!

.... and then we went to the mountain reception !!!

.... this is a view !!!

... Lago die Molveno, always worth a visit !!!

.... an inconspicuous hut on the side of the path and inside hides high culinary art and a really great atmosphere !!!

... and then it went again Rtg.Heimat.Durchs Gadertal, Staller Sattel, Felberntauerntummel Rtg. Reit im Winkl.

.... a last arrival and a last evening in Reit im Winkl !!!

... guys it was a great tour with you,

Thanks Ulla

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